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Steingrund Akustik offers speaker systems for permanent installation and other uses.  In connection to this, we offer "total solutions", where we offer a solution, provide the necessary equipment, and do the installation work. Other aspects to take into consideration are lighting, pullies, curtains and rugs. If it is so desired, our staff are available for specific areas of a project, for example - installation.

We also offer audio/visual solutions for special events; so audio and video can be sent from, for example, a church or meeting hall to a nursing home.

Here is a list of the brands and businesses with which we have a good arrangement:

Moto Audio Sales, AC-Entertainment, SC-Sound, TC Group International, Lydrommet, Adam Hall

L-Acoustics, Renkus-Heinz, RCF, Tannoy

Soundcraft, Allen&Heath, Yamaha

Shure, Sennheiser, DPA

Steingrund Akustik is certified dealer of DPA Microphones


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