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Streaming of audio and video
Steingrund Akustik has just made it possible for Gøtu Kirkju to send audio/video over the internet to a home for the elderly in Gøtu.

G! Festival 2013
We are currently advising G! Festival in their work to find all the technical equipment needed for the summer concert.  This includes stage, lighting and sound equipment.

School in Argjum
Steingrund Akustik is currently working for MAP Arkitektar & Tórshavnar Municipality in connection with the building of a new school in Argjum.  This is a big project involving, amongst other things, sound simulation with auralization for the larger rooms.

New church in Glyvrar
Architect, Árni Winther, winner of the competition for building the new church in Glyvrar, has asked Steingrund Akustik to be his adviser for the acoustics for this project. 

Løkshøll in Runavík
For this major project, Steingrund Akustik has been the adviser in room acoustics, speaker systems, lighting, pullies, carpeting and curtains. Løkshøll has variable reverberation time, so it can be used for symphonies and choirs with long reverberation, as well as for rock concerts and lectures which require shorter reverberation.  Approximately  300 m2 of soundabsorbing curtains change the sound. The main P.A. is a Kiva/Kilo line array with SB118 subs, from L-Acoustics. The stagelighting consists of 24 dimming channels from Avolites & 24 Source Four lamps from ETC. New electronic pullies are under the ceiling for the curtain stage and other purposes, 5 of which are pullies with inbuilt lighting rails.

Norðurlandahúsið in Havn
In connection withe the presentation of "The Wall", at Norðurlandahúsinum in the beginning of 2009, Steingrund Akustik provided a new main P.A. consisting of a Kiva/Kilo line array with SB118 subs, from L-Acoustics.

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