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Sound Measurements


2260 Investigator 

Steingrund Akustik has the equipment for extensive measurements of sound and for post-processing.

We have the following instruments available from the world's leading manufacturer of acoustic equipment Brüel & Kjær: Type 2260 sound analyzer, 2238 sound level meter, type 4231 calibrator, type 3207 tapping machine, PC software 7815 Noise Explorer, 7820 Evaluator, 7824 Protector, 7830 Qualifier.

Here are some of the types of assessments we offer:

  • airborn sound isolation,  R'w (how well voice and speaker sound can be heard between rooms)
  • impact sound level, L'w (how well footsetps - high heels - can be heard through a floor)
  • reverberation time, RT60 (the level of echo and noise that is in a room)
  • background sound, LAeq (level of noise from vents, furnaces, running water, etc.)
  • room acoustics, Speech Transmission Index (STI), (clarity of speech in a room etc.)
  • outdoor noise from yards, roads & factories LAeq
  • workplace noise LAeq, RT60

We offer advice and solutions to existing problems.

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