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Simuleraði hølir og støjkort.
Steingrund Akustik offers solutions and advice on everything pertaining to sound.  This includes audio/visual solutions for new building projects as well as renovations.

Acoustic simulation and auralization
In connection with this, a method called sound simulations, using Odeon, is used.  With this method, the drawings from the architect are entered into the program and the materials for the floor, ceiling and walls are added.  The program then calculates various acoustic parameters, such as reverberation time, sound level, STI (speech intelligibility), etc.  It is also possible to listen to what the room sound like (auralization). This is done by using headsets. Acoustic simulations are especially used in concert halls, churches, schools and larger offices; however, they can also be used in smaller auditoriums.

Building Acoustics
Currently, the public sector sets specific requirements for building structures.  One of these requirements has to do with sound.  A position has been taken in the Danish "Buildings Regulations 2008".  While the acoustic requirements for buildings already under construction are most likely to remain unchanged, they are expected to implemented before too long.  Such requirements will include: airborne sound insulation, impact sound level, reverberation time and background noise.  Our services ensure that all these requirements are met.

Noise Maps
In regards to outdoor noise, we make what is called a noise map which shows the noise level over a geographical area.  This would include roads, harbours, factories, building sites, etc.


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