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We also work with mixing.  We have nearly 30 years of experience in this field.  Our first assignments involved mixing for dance bands in the beginning of the 80's, followed by events such as the Jazz Festival at Norðlandahúsinum (our National Center of Cultural Arts), the first Ólavsøkukonsert (National Holiday Concert) and nearly all following concerts.  One of the first foreign bands we can name is Uriah Heep in 1988.

We do system-design, mix front and monitor, do backline and work as stagehands. The following sound technicians are currently working for Steingrund Akustik:

  • Johannes Steingrund, sound technician
  • Alex Sivertsen, sound technician
  • Bárður S. Solmunde, freelance sound technician
  • Hans Andor Johannesen, freelance sound techncian
  • Óla Jákup í Dímun, freelance sound technician
  • Regin Bjarnastein, freelance sound technician
  • Ísak N. Jacobsen, freelance sound technician
  • Bogi Steingrund, freelance sound technician


    The Following is partial list of those we have worked for:

FO: Hjarnar, Straight Ahead, Frændir, Harkaliðið, Tey av Kamarinum, Kári Petersen, Tinganest, Showmen, Terji Rasmussen, Magni Christiansen, Salt, Gunnar Mikkelsen, Gudrun Sólja Jacobsen, Eivør Pállsdóttir, Clickhaze, Maria Guttesen, Petsy Tvørfoss, Brandur Enni, United Voices, Taxi, Gestir, Trøllapætur, Jens Lisberg, All That Rain, Føroya Symfoniorkestur

DK: Kim Larsen, Lars Lilholt, Thomas Helmig, Fessors Big City Band, Chris Barber, Niels Hausgaard, Svend Asmussen, Celilie Norby, The Doky Brothers, Kashmir,

S: Bjørn Afselius, Mikael Wiehe, Cornelius Wrezswik, Svend Bertil Taube, Lisa Ekdahl, Europe

FIN: BomfunckMC

IS: Bubbi Mortens, Metzoforte

UK/USA: Uriah Heep, The Sweet, Nazareth, Dr. Hook, Temple of Sound, Lake Trout Band

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