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Á skrivstovuni við útsýni yvir vánna.Contact
Steingrund Akustik Sp/f - Leitisvegur 94 - FO-600 Saltangará - Tel:+298 448680 - Fax:+298 448680 - Mob: +298 228680 - email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - www.steingrund.com
Konto: Eik Banki 9181-1621655 - CVR: 564435

Steingrund Akustik is a family busness founded by Johannes Steingrund, Civil Engineer (MSc.E.E.), specializing in acoustics. We offer advice on acoustics and sound. The first project we did room acoustics for was our Cultural House in Fuglafirði. The project was drawn up in 1993 and the the House was opened in 2001. In the late '90's the first sound measurement assignements were made. Amongst other things, were the remodeling of Havnar Kirkju and Gøtu Kirkju (two historic churches). In 2001, when the family relocated to the Faroe Islands, the business began to seriously offer consultancy on acoustics to the business industry in the Faroe Islands. The business, which started out as a one man operation, is now a certified Small Business Corperation.  Johannes Steingrund has been working, since 1989, for the hightech company, Bruel & Kjær, a major Danish company with many subsidiaries throughout the world. Brüel & Kjær manufactures equipment for measuring sound and vibration, and is still to this day a major contact and customer of Steingrund Akustik.

Jóhannes Steingrund, MSc. E.E., HD international business, adminstrator/Owner 
Alex Sivertsen, AP graduate in computer science, programmering, sound technician
Benjamin Pedersen, MSc. E.E., Ph.D. in acoustic, freelance consultant
Unn E. Steingrund,  accounting/sewing
Regin Bjarnastein, radiomechanic, freelance allround
Bárður S. Solmunde, freelance sound technician

Business Contacts
Steingrund Akustik works together with Jordan Akustik in Denmark, for larger projects. Opus in Runavík is involved in installation work.

Steingrund Akustik Sp/f has an engineering insurance policy. 

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