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Welcome to Steingrund Akustik Co Ltd.


Consultancy in Acoustics

Symfoniorkestur og simulerað konserthøll

Steingrund Akustick Sp/f is a company with reliable theoretical expertise and many years' practical experience. We consult and develop solutions regarding everything to do with sound and noise.

We work for concert halls, theatres, festivals and others who wish to have music to sound its best.

We work for architects, construction companies and contractors, by helping them to map out new buildings so the acoustics will be at its absolute best. This also includes private homes.

We also receive assignments where we eliminate unneccessary background noise from the workplace, making a more pleasurable environment for employers & employees.

We work for municipalities as well as for private individuals, by helping them to eliminate noise from factories, harbours, traffic, etc. Where necessary, we do sound measurements, as well as sound simulations, so that our customers can hear the difference the changes we make would have on the area in question. 


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